Specialist Postion Open: Learning Specialist

Apr 26th, 2017

Annunciation School is a vibrant, Catholic school serving students from preschool through 8th grade. We are seeking a qualified, passionate teacher for our Learning Specialist position. The role of the Learning Specialist is to support students with diverse learning needs by providing intervention and remediation, support teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs in the classroom, and to work with parents and outside professionals to better support students with specialized needs.

The Learning Specialist will coordinate the support program including: Oversee and monitor 504 plans, act as liaison with Minneapolis Special Education staff and IEP processes, administer assessments, communicate with parents and staff to support student growth, and work with teachers to insure appropriate interventions and accommodations are provided. The Learning Specialist, working with an additional tutor, will provide reading specialists supports through one on one and small group instruction.

Learning Specialist Position Description