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5/22 - Patrol Field Trip (5th grade)
5/23 - Yogurt Lab (K-2 Auction winners)
5/31 - Pinehaven Farm (1st grade)
5/31 - Rollerskating (2nd-5th grades)
5/31 - Washburn Library (4th grade)
6/1 - Field Day at Kenny Park (1st-7th grades)

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Health Services Forms

Health Services Forms (Mpls Public Schools)

Annual Report

Annual Report 2015/16

Winter is here! Just a reminder that with the cold weather, students should be well dressed for outside activities, recess, and arrival/dismissal. Please be sure your child has a warm jacket, hat, mittens, scarf, snow pants, and boots to keep them warm each day. Children will not be outside for recess when the wind-chill is 10 degrees below zero or colder. But all other days we will have outside recess.

Snow/Cold Weather Closures

For any weather alerts, parents will receive a phone call and email regarding school updates. Weather closures will be posted on the local TV stations and websites, too.  In general, Annunciation follows Minneapolis Public Schools for full day school closures.  However for extreme cold weather closures we will determine our closure on our own. As was the policy for last year approved by the School Advisory Council, we will stay open for cold weather unless you hear directly from Annunciation.  However, when school is in session on these cold days, all afterschool activities will be cancelled.

Winter Safety Checklist